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AmCham has been bringing American and French companies together in Paris for over 120 years. Today we are a platform for reflection on the transatlantic relationship, constructing disruptive ideas and policy solutions to contribute to the democratic debate. Working directly with a variety of economic sectors, AmCham France counts 350 American and French companies as members. Among these are CAC40 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous startups and SMEs.

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350 members

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124 years

Our history

AmCham France was founded by eleven American businessmen in Paris in 1894, making it the oldest U.S. business association overseas. The AmCham President and co-founder Stephen Tyng then defined the Chamber’s role: "Our vocation, in a word, is to be the unofficial hyphen, or trait d’union, between the public authorities and the private enterprises of these two nations, France and the United States." During his farewell address as AmCham President, Tyng added that "the interweaving of French and American interests in a bond of commercial union will be the best contribution we can make to the larger hopes of the coming century." While AmCham France has undergone many changes since 1894, its fundamental mission retains these sentiments.

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